Sleep, wake, repeat. Read all about how our friends optimize their surroundings, unwind, and relax the mind for a good night—every night.


We sat down with Anne Matthews, RAc, FABORM, the founder of Energy Tree Studios to talk about her nightly bedtime rituals.

Double, Queen, or King?


Why is a good night’s sleep important to you?

For my immune health and mental clarity.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night—or at least dream of getting?

7, please!

Are you a dreamer?

No...not at night.

What’s currently on your bedside table?

Moisturizer, a glass of water and some acupuncture needles.

Do you partake in any nightly routine before settling into bed?

I brush my teeth; watch a sitcom (Frasier is my favourite), and then pass out.

Tell us about where the magic happens—and by magic, we mean sleep. How do you optimize your sleep environment?

Plants and a nice cool breeze.

If you feel a restless night coming on, is there anything you do to help get you through the night without waking?

Does wine count?

What kind of pillows do you use to keep your head in the clouds?

Essentia makes amazing pillows and mattresses.  

Last but not least, what is your number one piece of can’t-sleep-without advice?

Exercise and acupuncture make for a very sound sleep.