Sleep, wake, repeat. Read all about how our friends optimize their surroundings, unwind, and relax the mind for a good night—every night.


Lights Out with Emily Thring

We sat down with Emily Thring, the founder of The Quiet Company to talk about her nightly bedtime rituals.

Double, Queen, or King?


Why is a good night’s sleep important to you?

Like everyone, when I’m not sleeping well it really bleeds into my days. I’m less focused and honestly cranky!

How many hours of sleep do you get a night—or at least dream of getting?

8 is good, more is better. I’m in bed by 9:30/10 reading and I get up between 6 and 7.

Are you a dreamer?

Yes! I have very vivid dreams and I remember them.

What’s currently on your bedside table?

My Kindle, a collection of hand creams, Glossier Balm Dot Com in coconut, a tray for jewellery, my Five Minute Journal for my morning gratitude practice and a selection of magazines.

Do you partake in any nightly routine before settling into bed?

I have a nighttime skincare ritual that includes facial massage from Province Apothecary. I ALWAYS read before bed - even if I fall asleep on the couch I still find the energy for a few pages. I’ve been that way since I was a kid.

Tell us about where the magic happens—and by magic, we mean sleep. How do you optimize your sleep environment?

I like it to be really dark and depending on where I am that means a sleep mask is important. I always make my bed in the morning because going to sleep in crisp cool sheets and pillows feels really good. I also try to keep things very tidy in the bedroom because waking up to a mess stresses me out.

If you feel a restless night coming on, is there anything you do to help get you through the night without waking?

If I haven’t been sleeping well, or I’m in a new environment I take magnesium or CBD to help me fall and stay asleep. I also try and limit screen time before bed. Lying for 10 minutes with my legs up the wall is also really helpful.

What kind of pillows do you use to keep your head in the clouds?

I sleep all over the place but mostly on my side. My mom gave me a buckwheat pillow a few years ago and it was a game changer. It always stays cool, you can change how full or empty it is and it molds to however you sleep. After my partner became obsessed with mine I had to get him his own!

Last but not least, what is your number one piece of can’t-sleep-without advice?

It’s boring but true limiting screen time and blue light before bed makes a HUGE difference for my quality of sleep!