Sleep, wake, repeat. Read all about how our friends optimize their surroundings, unwind, and relax the mind for a good night—every night.


Jen Peacock, Straight Up Health

We sat down with Jen Peacock, the founder of Straight Up Health to talk about her nightly bedtime rituals.

Double, Queen, or King?

King all the way! I would pick bigger if I could :)

Why is a good night’s sleep important to you?

It allows me to recharge, feel great the next day and have the energy to manage life and work. But really, a good night's sleep starts first thing in the morning, so there is a lot that goes into the day that determines if you are setting yourself up for a good night sleep, which then sets you up for another good day, it’s a cycle.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night—or at least dream of getting?

I try for at least 8! I really notice a difference if I am tired and run down, so I make it a priority.

Are you a dreamer?

Sometimes, and love it when I do!

What’s currently on your bedside table?

A book (actually a few books I am reading), water, an essential oil roll-on pen, a baby monitor and a light.

Do you partake in any nightly routine before settling into bed?

The usual-wash my face, brush teeth, shower off the day, get on a cozy pair of pyjamas. I really enjoy getting into a tightly tucked fresh bed, so that’s definitely part of my morning routine-making sure the bed is ready to go for the night!

Tell us about where the magic happens—and by magic, we mean sleep. How do you optimize your sleep environment?

Cool temperature, clean sheets, fresh air (always a window cracked open), sometimes a diffuser is on, must be pitch dark, phone ideally on silent in the room but not beside my bed.

If you feel a restless night coming on, is there anything you do to help get you through the night without waking?

I am typically a good sleeper, however I have learned this great 30/30 rule whereby if you are restless in bed for 30 minutes, instead of continuing to lie there tossing and turning, you get up, walk around, do something else…anything…until you feel tired again and get back into bed and try to fall asleep again. You want your mind to associate your bed with sleep!

What kind of pillows do you use to keep your head in the clouds?

Several pillows! I sleep with many pillows. no particular favourites, just whatever feels good at the time.

Last but not least, what is your number one piece of can’t-sleep-without advice?

A clear mind! Try to talk out or write out your thoughts or feelings before going to bed so your mind isn’t racing with to-do lists!