Sleep, wake, repeat. Read all about how our friends optimize their surroundings, unwind, and relax the mind for a good night—every night.


Tara Miller

We sat down with Tara Miller, the founder of Health Hut to talk about her nightly bedtime rituals.

Double, Queen, or King?

King! But this was new for us last year. We have three pets that like to sleep on our bed, and the extra space has been amazing.

Why is a good night’s sleep important to you?

Everything is easier when I've slept well. A good night's sleep has a huge impact on my mood.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night—or at least dream of getting?

I try for 8-9 hours. I love love a 10:30pm - 6:30am night!

Are you a dreamer?

I can be!

What’s currently on your bedside table?

Right now I have a Body Whip by The Cure for my dry and crack (over washed) hands, a Lohn Candle, and the book I am currently reading: The Vanishing Half. I also always have a glass of water, my glasses and my phone (a habit I am trying to break).

Do you partake in any nightly routine before settling into bed?

I would like to say I have a lovely evening self care routine, but the truth is I am usually so tired by the end of the day, I just wash my face, maybe put on a serum and get into bed. Some nights I try to read, but I tend to fall asleep after a few sentences. If I am particularly stressed up or busy with work, I will have a bath pre-bed to help me unwind and calm my mind before trying to sleep.

Tell us about where the magic happens—and by magic, we mean sleep. How do you optimize your sleep environment?

Last year when we splurged for the King bed, we also bought a really comfy duvet and sheets. I also like lots and lots of pillows. I sort of surround myself with them and it is so cozy.

If you feel a restless night coming on, is there anything you do to help get you through the night without waking?

I try to quiet my mind as best I can. Apps like Headspace and Calm have helped, or even just counting or focusing on my breath. Anything to take me away from whatever is distracting me.

What kind of pillows do you use to keep your head in the clouds?

I love a soft down filled pillow.

Last but not least, what is your number one piece of can’t-sleep-without advice?

Try your best to go to bed with a quiet mind. As I mentioned, that could be anything from taking a bath, writing out a to-do list, reading, meditating, stretching or listening to calming music or an app. Anything to slow down helps me a lot. And nice sheets, of course. :)