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Lights Out with The Cure Skincare

Lights Out with The Cure Skincare

Sleep, wake, repeat. Read all about how our friends optimize their surroundings, unwind, and relax the mind for a good night—every night.

We sat down with Nitasha Goel, the founder of The Cure, a natural skin care with a focus on sustainable, effective ingredients, to talk about her nightly bedtime rituals.

Double, Queen, or King?

KING! All the way. 

Why is a good night’s sleep important to you?

As I have gotten older I appreciate the importance of allowing your body and mind to rest. 

How many hours of sleep do you get a night—or at least dream of getting?

Oh I LOVE my time in bed so ideally 8-9 hours. 

Are you a dreamer?

YES, sometimes my dreams feel so real. I’m also a tosser so most of my dreams are cut short. 

What’s currently on your bedside table?

I have a few Cure products - Lip Balm, Hand + Cuticle Serum and a Body Whip. Also, a glass of water and my jewellery dish - I can't sleep with jewellery on. 

Do you partake in any nightly routine before settling into bed?

Most nights I shower before bed, it's become part of my ritual (since I work from home I have ditched the morning shower). Once I’m fully moisturized, I jump into bed and chat with my husband while we both cuddle our dog, Roti. 

Tell us about where the magic happens—and by magic, we mean sleep. How do you optimize your sleep environment?

One thing we purchased is a do not disturb mattress - it's the BEST. We also sleep under the stars which I absolutely love. 

If you feel a restless night coming on, is there anything you do to help get you through the night without waking? 

My go to helpers are a hot water bottle and some kind of peppermint roller.

What kind of pillows do you use to keep your head in the clouds?

Firm. Which wasn’t always the case. 

Last but not least, what is your number one piece of can’t-sleep-without advice?

No matter what everyone (husband and dog) gets a kiss goodnight - even if we had a bad day.


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